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The Mothers Act

September 13, 2009 by  
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Information on Previous Versions of The MOTHERS ACT: A previous version of this bill was steamrolling through Congress, and did not pass due to valid problems in the bill including the fact that it called on using a method of “screening” pregnant women and new mothers called EPDS, a screening method documented to triple the number of women diagnosed with Post partum depression, according to a study published in Obstecrics & Gynecology. The Scandinavian Journal of Public Health stated that EPDS screening was unethical and should not be used. None of the proponents of the bill (many with pharmaceutical backing and funding) had no objections whatsoever to endorsing such an unethical screening tool, and this bill would have passed with no objections from them, if not for the dedication of those groups that have no vested interests (ties to Pharma) opposing this bill that would certainly have lead to an increase of women being put on dangerous antidepressant and other psychiatric drugs to “treat” them. At best, those who supported this bill failed completely in their lack of due diligence on what they were promoting for new mothers, and for the psycho/pharma industry funded groups that supported it, their interests were clear.

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